Sarah White artist bio


Sarah White (1980) is a Sydney-based artist, writer and scientist. Awarded a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from the University of Sydney in 2004, and a PhD in Medicine in 2009, Sarah has had a distinguished career in medical research, and more recently as a medical writer. In 2015 she took a hiatus from academia to focus on art, attending the Florence Academy of Art's six week intensive painting program. In 2016 she cofounded Art Escape Italy, a company offering high-end art retreats with master artists in Tuscany. She currently works from her studio in Sydney, Australia, though is also frequently found in Florence and Stockholm.



My work is primarily concerned with the inner emotional lives of women. My portraits depict women and girls typically alone and deep in thought, painted with a stillness and often a subtle tension. The subjects of my work are drawn from people with whom I have a close connection - friends, family and colleagues - and the narrative underlying the composition is often deeply personal. My background as a scientist informs my work in terms of seeking a precision of observation, and I am particularly interested in interrogating the meaning in details. In my artistic practice I combine a traditional academic approach to painting and drawing with inspiration drawn from film, photography and graphic design.



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